Лучшие моды для age of empires ii

17 Remove AI Handicap

On its surface Age of Empires 3 can seem like a relatively simple RTS, but it has a lot of interesting depth. For example, the AI on each difficulty is given a hidden hindrance or benefit, depending on what the difficulty level is.

What this means is, on Easy, the AI has a -70% resource gathering rate which slows down their ability to produce units quite drastically. Whilst on Extreme, this changes to +40%, and in gameplay terms, this results in the AI steamrolling players every single time and each match typically descends into fighting wave after wave of mass-produced units. So to make things more interesting and to remove that constant horde this mod by ZapinZones sets the handicap to 0 for all levels. This means you will then just be facing the AI itself without any buffs which can lead to more interesting fights.

8 WASD Camera Unlock

Most modern RTS games let players zip the camera around with WASD on the keyboard and it’s what we’re all used to because of how comfortable, easy and streamlined it is compared to the old arrow key system. But, Age of Empires 3—like most early RTS games —uses this old system with WASD bound to a hotkey system.

This classic control style can be a little jarring if you’re used to modern RTS games, and it can seem a little awkward to work your hands around that end of the keyboard. With this camera mod developed by modder Eaglemut OP, you can rebind those pesky camera controls by unlocking the ability to assign screen movement to WASD instead of the arrows. However, make sure that pressing those keys doesn’t execute their previous hotkey assignment by deleting those inputs.

3 Multi-Explorer

Explorers in AOE 3 were always a mixed bag, on the one hand, they’re great for recon and assassinating spies or important units, but in a big melee, they’re usually going to get sliced apart pretty quickly, especially to late tier units. They’re a Hero unit that’s great for the early game but as you go on unless you’re constantly micro-managing them, they’ll often end up dead or redundant.

But one creative modder saw this and thought, what if now the Explorer becomes a much bigger threat to deal with. Multi-Explorer by uPaw lets this brave musket-wielding pioneer collect resources, build Forts, and more importantly, train units. So now you can sneak them into enemy territory and if you have the resources, pump out a guerrilla army en masse and strike when it’s least expected or dump down big Forts and hidden outposts. It’s a great way to turn an often unused unit into a stealthy nightmare.

age of vampires

Создатель: Ivacula

Вот представьте, что было бы, если у вампиров были империи? Таковой была идея, пришедшая в голову автору мода. С тех пор он и смешивал викторианский стиль ужасов с традиционной славянской мифологией и намеками на темные главы румынской и венгерской истории. Результатом является что-то вроде войны вампиров в Восточной Европе.

Автор предупреждает, что анимация ранений и убийств в Age of Vampires крайне жуткая и превосходит саму себя в оригинальной игре. Насилию в реальной жизни не место, однако жестокость, изображенная здесь, точно соответствует традиционной мифологии вампиров.

15 Tri-Corn Hats For Veteran Musketeers

One thing that’s incredibly important to the Age of Empires Community is historical accuracy. Whilst the definitive edition does its best to stay within the field of realism while still being entertaining, there are still times where certain units’ outfits just don’t sit well design-wise.

A prime example is the Veteran Musketeers of the British Empire. These rifle-carrying lads have these big stovepipe hats that can look a little silly, and as the game progresses through the centuries, they start to become historically inaccurate as the dress of soldiers of the time actually changed as the years went on. With this mod by Largo1900, players can swap the Stovepipes for a more modern (for the era) Red Coat Tricorn Hat to make them look significantly intimidating and accurate to the period.

7 Improved Defensive Buildings

Arguably one of the most helpful Aoe3 mods, Improved Defensive Buildings by CmndrJ does exactly what it says on the tin, it improves the stats of your structures that keep your base nice and safe. Considering how often your home can be razed in minutes when you’re not expecting it, this add-on is one you might want to check out.

In the base game, you can keep your towns guarded against wandering marauders with Forts, Blockhouses, Castles, and Nobles Huts. Whilst these heavy fortifications can keep most smaller forces at bay, over time and with enough units their cannons can be easily overwhelmed. This mod gives them a nice beefy stat bump of 20 percent extra damage, further line of sight and range as well as a faster build speed on specific structures, such as the Mighty War Huts. So whether you’re turtling or looking to keep your home secure whilst you’re out exploring, use this mod to ensure your citizens are kept safe.

2 Age Of Empires 3 Improvement Patch

Though it’s something most fans won’t admit, Age of Empires 3 is an old game. The Definitive Edition does its best to patch up the rusty holes, but it has some clunk after all of that mileage and without mods, it badly needs some additional modernization. Until then there are mods like the AOE 3 Improvement Patch by TheCannibalPizza which is something a lot of veteran Age of Empires players definitely want to check out.

Not only does it add unlimited population caps, outposts, ships, and town centers now have no limits, so you can build up a gigantic capital that’s thriving with people. Limits on the number of gatherers at resource nodes were also lifted and the Card system, a weird new feature for the series that got removed in later games, has been given a little tweaking to make it more useful, especially in the early game resource rush.

12 Napoleonic Era

The Definitive Edition already has a ton of content in it, with new factions like the United States being the most recent civilization to join the team. But for those looking to bulk out their game even more the Napoleonic Era mod by TilanusCommodor might be worth a look.

This massive add-on expands Age Of Empires III even further than the developers already have by including seven new civilizations, two reworks of existing factions, 20 maps, new natives, and improvements to the AI and other unique features. If you’re looking for something that packs out the game then this is definitely one to download.

tales of middle-earth

Создатель: ToME Studio

Средиземье в Age of Empires 2. Задействован период от падения Белерианда до Великой Эпохи Людей и Войны за Кольцо. Здесь можно играть за одну из 18 уникальных фракций. Вы можете быть королём мудрых и справедливых эльфов — Линдона, Ривенделла, Мирквуда, Эрегиона и Лотлориэна. Либо же можете пасть под влияние Тени в Ангмаре, Мордоре, Изенгарде, Дол Гулдуре или Минас Моргуле. Правда если вы поклонник людей, то вам лучше играть за их легендарные королевства, вроде Арнора, Гондора и полузабытого Нуменора. Также вы можете кататься по полям и равнинам с жителями Рохана, Рованиона, Харада, Умбара или Кханда.

Вам доступны сражения на новых случайных картах, основанных на реальных локациях Средиземья. Можно исследовать бесчисленные новые технологии и определять путь развития своей фракции. Можно и создавать альянсы, чтобы пополнить свои армии солдатами из других регионов, или даже звать на помощь гномов и хоббитов. Было спроектировано более ста зданий, в том числе чудеса, основанные на знаменитых достопримечательностях Средиземья, таких как Ортханк, Барад-Дур, Золотой Зал Эребора или Дом Элронда. Кроме того, добавлено множество новых графических элементов. Мод предназначен для многопользовательского, одиночного и сценарного режимов.

4 The Forgotten Empires

The Age of Empires series hasn’t always been the most historically accurate (Until AOE4) and there were often a lot of Civilisations and Empires that went overlooked. There are a number of Empires both grand and small that existed in pre-history and the Forgotten Empires mod brings some of them back, whilst also taking a few creative liberties.

This mod by Meister_Wolo has a lot of work gone into it and it definitely shows. The factions are unique, creative and they all have their own unique bonuses, art styles, and mechanics that encourage you to experiment. For example, you could dominate the trade routes with the Railway Company, use the artillery forces of the pirates to make an impregnable fort, or steamroll everyone with the new strong Italian units. There’s a lot to play with, so if you want to keep expanding your AOE 3 roster substantially more, this is worth checking out.

20 Unlimited Units And Improved Ground Corpses

Population limits in RTS games can be an annoyance at times. Although they are used to encourage you to think tactically about the types of units you build and how you use them, there’s still a sweet satisfaction to be had from just Zerg Rushing the enemy with thousands of soldiers.

For those that enjoy a mass attack, this mod by Luissey is what you need. It converts the normal population cost of a unit to 0, and with the cap never being reached you basically have an unlimited number of soldiers to throw into the fray. The mod also increases the decay time on corpses from 300 seconds to five minutes to let you survey the carnage of massive battles a little longer or use it as a warning to others.

tsars and salemen

Создатель: Ivacula

Тотальная конверсия, которая вводит различные торговые республики Италии (Венеция, Рагуза, Сицилия), Славянии (Великий Новгород) и Западной Европы (Фландрия). Кроме того, вы можете водрузить на себя корону могущественных Царств Сербии, России (Московское царство) и Болгарии. Некоторые цивилизации, такие как византийцы, турки, тевтонцы и тимуриды (персы), тоже не были обделены и получили много региональных юнитов (что сильно меняет их стратегию).

И последнее, но не менее важное — мод также увеличивает количество полезных гражданских лиц: придворных дам, пайперов (мастеров по игре на волынках) и саксонских шахтеров (экономических наемников)

11 Extreme Fortifications

One of the biggest letdowns of Age Of Empires 3 was the walls. In previous games, you could create massive labyrinths or impenetrable fortresses with gigantic towering fortifications that easily kept invaders at bay, but instead we got wooden palisades that can easily be blasted apart. However, in certain campaign missions, you have access to large stone fortification walls which come with some pretty beefy hitpoints to keep out any marauding army.

They’re normally only accessible through the level editor, but with Aoe 3 mods such as Extreme Fortifications by Lord_KiLLMS, you can build these giant structures whenever you like and there are different designs for them depending on the civilization you choose. So if you want to turtle hard or add a little flair to your outpost, then it’s always worth having this installed as it’s possibly one of the best Age of Empires 3 definitive edition mods out there.

5 War Of The Triple Alliance

The roster of factions in Age of Empires 3 Definitive Edition is already pretty large as mentioned already, but it can always be bigger. That’s where War of The Triple Alliance comes in. This mod by DayoftheNinja and a team of volunteers adds a bunch of great new factions to try out, with their most recent bringing early Haiti into the mix.

Plus, it’s more than just a fancy reskin as the Haitians have their own unique buildings, special units that come with their game-changing skills and bonuses as well as voice acting that’s been recorded by other members of the team. It’s a pretty dense and in-depth mod that brings a lot of new life to the old classic and unlike other AOE 3 mods that often end up abandoned, this is regularly updated. With previous editions detailed within the mod installer page, you can check its progress since it was first created or to get up to speed in all the new stuff that’s been added to the game.

13 Rising Sun

Age Of Empires 3 Definitive Edition already has quite a lot of civilizations in it, including Asia but it can never hurt to add more. With the Rising Sun mod by iBram you can take on the role of leading an early Japan to victory during a particularly brutal and bloody era.

Developed before the Asian Dynasty DLC launched, it’s an interesting addition to the long list of available Aoe3 mods and it’s more than just a cheap reskin. The Japanese civilization has been given its own unique voice acting for units, new models for existing soldiers and buildings, as well as a diplomacy mechanic. Also, instead of wood, Bamboo is collected in Bamboo Factories and most of this faction’s mechanics and upgrades are based on how you can manage this unique economy. It’s an interesting add-on that’s been positively received in the AOE Modding Community for how well it’s made, so if you’re looking for a new civilization to try, then check out this mod.

Геймплей [ править ]

Геймплей Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition.

Основные элементы игрового процесса во многом совпадают с оригиналом, но Definitive Edition основывается на нем. Ремастер включает в себя новую графику 4K , новые улучшенные визуальные эффекты для войск и зданий, возможность увеличения и уменьшения масштаба и новый режим наблюдателя. В нем представлена ​​новая кампания под названием «Последние ханы», в которую входят четыре новые цивилизации: болгары , половцы , литовцы и татары . Были добавлены четыре новые кампании для новых цивилизаций: Ивайло , Котян Хан , Тамерлан и Пачакути, которые рассказывают о цивилизации инков и заменяют Эльдорадо.из HD Edition (литовцы не появляются как игровая цивилизация ни в одной кампании; однако они представляют поляков в кампании Ивайло). Он включает все предыдущие дополнения из оригинальной ( The Conquerors ) и HD-версии ( The Forgotten , The African Kingdoms , Rise of the Rajas ).

Берт Бекман (слева) и Адам Исгрин (справа) на E3 2019 . Исгрин — креативный директор Definitive Edition, а Бикман — соучредитель Forgotten Empires.

Игроки могут выбирать между оригинальным AI , обновленным AI HD Edition, который был добавлен вместе с HD Edition игры, и новым AI, разработанным для Definitive Edition . Первоначальный ИИ должен был обмануть, чтобы быть конкурентоспособным, в то время как новый ИИ достаточно продвинут, чтобы не требовать никакого обмана. Когда старый и новый ИИ столкнулись друг с другом в тесте, новый легко победил старый. Блок Pathfinding также якобы улучшены. Игроки могут сдвигать задачи жителей деревни. Фермы теперь имеют возможность автоматически пополняться.

Расширения править

Пакет расширения Lords of the West был анонсирован 15 декабря 2020 года и выпущен 26 января 2021 года. Расширение Lords of the West представило еще две цивилизации, бургундов и сицилийцев , а также три новые кампании с участием Эдварда. Длинноногих , герцогов Бургундских и Отвилей .

Второе расширение, Dawn of the Dukes , было объявлено 10 апреля 2021 года и планируется выпустить летом 2021 года. Расширение ориентировано на Восточную Европу и будет включать новые кампании.

1 Wars of Liberty

There are a lot of Age of Empires 3 Civilisation mods, with some being better than others. Whilst most add one or two factions, occasionally you’ll find something like the Wars of Liberty mod by the Wars of Liberty Team which adds a huge new toybox of content to play around with. This expansive mod brings all sorts of new factions, hotfixes, and technology of the era such as Steamships and cannon-bearing ironclads that can now patrol the seas.

It’s regularly updated with their recent addition, the Māori, proving to be particularly popular as it really showcases the sheer amount of variety they’re putting into the new civilizations. This new faction has unique buildings and an aging-up system based on how far they voyage across the seas to other lands as well as a scaling damage bonus on kills that can help them snowball easily. It’s a nice touch that shows they put a lot of thought into bringing in new interesting factions instead of just packing out the roster with palette swaps. You can even fight on the moon, mess around with diplomacy in multiplayer, or take part in custom scenarios involving Italy’s greatest freedom fighters, or clear out the last remnants of the old order in 1860’s Japan.

NEXT: Everything New And Changed In Age Of Empires 3: Definitive Edition

New features[]

  • Base Age of Empires II HD game and all previous expansions ported into the Definitive Edition

    The Last Khans expansion content

  • Changes to some civilization architectural sets
    • Mediterranean and East European sets reworked
    • Byzantines and Spanish now use the Mediterranean set
    • Vietnamese now use the East Asian set, to reflect Chinese influence against Vietnamese kingdoms.
  • Crest symbols for each civilization
  • Cross-play functionality between Microsoft Store and Steam versions
  • Empire Wars game mode
  • Global queue display
  • Improved and reworked campaigns, including changes to the civilizations that feature for a more accurate representation
  • Improved spectator mode and multiplayer, including native streaming support
  • Manual gate rotation (using mouse-wheel)
  • Mixed technology and unit queue
  • Modding via Age of Empires web platform
  • New AI that does not cheat, and a new level of difficulty: Extreme
  • New main menu features and functions
    • Campaign difficulty indicators (the more swords, the more difficult)
    • Campaign pages reorganized to geographical regions
    • Historical Battles section (combined Battles of the Conquerors and Battles of the Forgotten)
    • The Art of War challenges on learning advanced gameplay tactics (e.g. booming, early economy, fast Castle Age)
  • New graphics and effects, including demolished building animations
  • New objects and units, in addition to redesigns for some old ones (e.g. Sea Wall)
  • New, fully remastered soundtrack
    • Each soundtrack set now begins with a theme of the civilization being played
    • Options allow for the selection of soundtrack sets
  • New scenario editor features, including a reworked triggers system
  • New server-based multiplayer
  • Progress bar for buildings, effects on them if they are working
  • Reworked interface that displays the number of villagers working on each resource
  • Toggleable gameplay and interface options for veteran players
  • Toggles for automatic Farm and Fish Trap reseeding
  • Zoom functionality

Отличия от оригинала

Двадцать лет отделяют выпуск The Age of Kings от Definitive Edition , за это время игра прошла через четыре последовательных дополнения. Поэтому между двумя версиями есть много различий.

В нем представлена ​​новая однопользовательская кампания под названием «Последние ханы», а также все предыдущие дополнения из оригинального издания. К этому добавлено расширение для загружаемого контента Lords of the West . Это приносит кампании общих до двадцати шести из первоначальных пяти и утраивает число играбельных цивилизаций.

В окончательной редакции предлагает улучшенные визуальные эффекты , поддерживает разрешение 4K . С другой стороны, разные юниты имеют одинаковый внешний вид и одно и то же имя, независимо от цивилизации, к которой они принадлежат, и при этом технические ограничения, ограничивающие версию 1999 года, больше не актуальны в 2019 году.

Геймплей также изменяется, в частности , путем добавления в интерфейсе , которые позволяют автоматически производить переустановку фермы или распределения по задачам различных жителей.

Технология дерево различных цивилизаций также значительно модифицирована, в частности , путем добавления новых узлов и базовых технологий, бонусов команды или уникальные технологии . В дополнениях было сделано много изменений в бонусах и балансе, так что некоторые стратегии, действовавшие в 1999 году, больше не актуальны двадцать лет спустя.

aok realms

Создатель: Jorritkawehr

Realms — это проект, созданный для того, чтобы ещё больше погрузиться в Средневековье. Исследуйте новые способы  ведения войны на вершинах Гималаев, побережьях Перу, джунглях Юго-Восточной Азии, Киликии, Маньчжурии и Европы с девятнадцатью новыми цивилизациями. Какие же это всё-таки цивилизации, спросите вы?

Вам доступны величественные Армяне, защищающие свои земли от Еревана до Аданы. Бамарцы, что возглавляют языческие племена авов, хантавади или таунгу. Балты, что яростно сражаются с подлыми крестоносцами и любителями несметных богатств. Богемцы, создающие новую армию, основанную на инновационных тактических доктринах. Отважные Булгары , вырезающие всё на своём пути и затаптывающие тяжёлой кавалерией. Также вы можете возглавить и целую порцию других держав, обладающих уникальной культурой и линейкой войск. Если вы искали по-настоящему классный фракционный мод, то Realms просто создан для вас!

14 Build Limits

This one is a little more self-explanatory. In Age of Empires III, you can only have a certain amount of specific buildings and units. It’s designed this way to make base planning and army layout more strategic and less about putting out as many structures and soldiers as possible.

For example, the Outposts, Forts, Large Ships, Blockhouses, and Towers are all limited to a low number because they are incredibly powerful defensive structures, and having too many of them can affect the balance of the game. But, if you’re looking for just some dumb broken build fun or if you want to make an impenetrable fortress, then the Build Limits mod by Quirkysorous that removes build limits is sure to create all sorts of chaos.

16 Conquest New World

Despite it being abandoned in Age Of Empires 4, the Home City mechanic from AOE 3 was unique and added some interesting bonuses for using it effectively. Their whole idea was that you could earn XP by completing campaign missions and multiplayer games, then it would be used to level up your city and earn in-game bonuses by upgrading structures and using an obtuse deck-building system.

It sadly went unused by many, but with Aoe 3 mods such as Conquest New World by francot514, they take on a whole new use in their own game mode. Conquest New World provides a persistent game world filled with missions that reward experience that’s then used to upgrade your home city. It can be played solo or with friends and you can even visit ally cities or attack enemy homes at will. There are multiple home cities to choose from, so this open-world approach to Age Of Empires will keep you occupied for hours.

8 византийцев

Византийцы — еще одна в значительной степени оборонительная цивилизация. Их здания начинают с 10-процентного дополнительного HP, и эта цифра увеличивается на 10 с каждой новой эпохой, которую вы продвигаете.

Хотя их кавалерии не хватает улучшений, вам все равно может не понадобиться много, поскольку их уникальный юнит, Катафракт, является одним из самых мощных юнитов в игре, особенно если вы исследуете Доменную печь у Кузнеца. Катафракт также более эффективен и менее уязвим для противокавалерийских юнитов, таких как копейщики и копейщики. Благодаря уникальной технологии логистики Катафракты также могут нанести урон вашим противникам.

Их дерево технологий является одним из самых больших в игре, и для исследования доступно все, кроме нескольких улучшений экономики и лекарственных трав. Хотя это может быть ошеломляющим для нового игрока, опытный может использовать это в своих интересах. Тем не менее, оборонительные дары и Катафракт должны побудить любого попробовать византийцев.

9 Resource Boost

Generally, the first and longest part of any session in an Age of Empires game is spent slowly collecting resources and it can lead to a lot of boredom and tedious gameplay as you wait around for more wood, gold, or food to trickle in.

But, for those that want to add a little pep in their step out of the gate in any skirmish or mission, then the Resource Boost mod by Quirkysorous is worth downloading. With this add-on, all wood, food, and gold resources are set to 5,000, so they last considerably longer, this also includes any shipping crates you bring in with you through the Card System. It’s a nice boost to get you going and takes a lot of the worry of resource management off so you can focus on building big armies or a super-sized base.

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